Thursday, 15 November 2012

#97: Full Circle

It's taken me long enough, but I'm finally getting around to trying the last two regular 8 Degrees beers. I also get to give my nifty new 8 Degrees glass its first outing. Hurrah!

First is the Barefoot Bohemian, a pilsner that was originally a summer seasonal, before becoming a regular fixture. It pours a clear gold with a small bubbly head, pretty much as you'd expect. The aroma is subdued, but is hoppy on a light malt body. The taste is gorgeous, with more than a touch of grapefruit opening proceedings, announcing a very fruity hop profile, just above the surface of the biscuity, grainy malt backbone. Great tasting pils, a good six-pack investment.

The next is supposedly an Irish Red, a style that doesn't get me very excited. Sunburnt Irish Red doesn't really look like an Irish Red, being a rather pale shade of amber, and what's more, it doesn't smell like one either. In terms of smell it's not a million miles from the Howling Gale Ale, with waxy hops being prominent, producing a very 'American'-like aroma. The taste is once again at odds with the plainness I'd expect from an Irish Red, producing a very fruity character at first, before revealing notes of nuts and a toffee finish. To me, this has more in line with an Amber Ale, like 5AM Saint, rather than an Irish Red. That being said, it's much better than that particular beer. 

Two more great beers from what is now one of my favourite breweries. Bring on the Winter Ale.

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