Sunday, 11 November 2012

#96: White Gypsy Russian Imperial Stout

I've already written about White Gypsy's Belgian Dubbel, but I have to say I was much more excited for this one. 

White Gypsy's Russian Imperial Stout pours a perfectly opaque black with big tan head, just what I look for from a beer of this style. The aroma gives tonnes of smoky, roasted sweetness, with hints of bitter dark chocolate, herbal hop notes and a lovely malt backbone. For an Imperial Stout, it's low-key, but still smells great. The taste is absolutely delicious, with a gorgeous smokey, woody malt opening turning quickly into caramel, with a fruity middle that reminds me of a much brighter beer. There's a sticky, syrupy finish that I suspect is given by the 7% ABV, and the mouth is very satisfying.

As an example of the style, it's not outstanding. As The Beer Nut writes, it won't surprise or stun the stout drinker, but it remains a delicious beer well worth trying. 

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