Thursday, 5 July 2012

#52: Beer and Curry - Round 2 (1) and Update

Finally had my Warsteiner with a nice curry, and I'm calling this meal Round 2, as the first retrospective 'round' with Budweiser Budvar went ridiculously well.

This time round, it wasn't so spectacular. Warsteiner Premium Verum is a German Pilsener that pours like a pint of piss. This may not sound exceptionally appetizing, but for a pilsener I really don't mind the urine look. A 2-3 finger head quickly becomes a film, which in turn becomes absolutely nothing. On the nose is wet straw or corn... Really, I don't know. It smells like adjuncts, and beyond that there's no discernible aroma. The taste is equally nondescript, but it's just sweet enough with that syrupy element to hold my interest. It's not as refreshing or clean as I'd hope for when eating hot food, but it provides just enough bubbles and coolness to satisfy me and compliment the curry until the food's gone. When the plate is empty, the remaining sups of slightly warmed-up Warsteiner are considerably less enjoyable. 

I'd pick this up over any of the major international macros any day. This is definitely one to quaff cold, and in that particular arena it delivers absolute perfection - low taste, low budget and requiring zero levels of attention to drink. What more should we expect from Germany's 4th best-selling beer brand?

In other news I managed quite the beer haul over the past few days, and there are some very interesting things coming up. With this Warsteiner gone, as well as last night's second bottle of Young's Double Chocolate Stout (which I enjoyed much more than the first one), the only remnants of the collection I photographed and posted on the blog are the five remaining Westvleteren 12s. Safe to say I'm very excited about taking tasting notes over the coming weeks.

On a side note, say what you will about Guinness, but how good does their toucan souvenir pint glass look filled with Young's DCS?


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