Friday, 20 April 2012

Beer Review #19: Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne Carriag Dubh

Brilliant stuff
This is one I've been really looking forward to. It's brewed in the Tig Bhric brewpub in Ballyferriter, County Kerry, by a brewer trading as Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne. There were 3 key factors that led to my inevitable purchase of this beer. In order of importance they are; the fact that the beer is from my favourite place on Earth, the fact that the label is partially written in old Irish text, and the fact that the cool logo mimics the landscape of the area. The fact that it's a porter was neither here nor there at the beginning, but as it sat in my cupboard for weeks waiting to be cracked open, I started to get very excited indeed. Beer from the Dingle Peninsula, what more could you want?? Well actually, they also produce two other beers that I had never heard of, so you could in fact want more. Anyway...

Porter at 6.0% ABV

L: Pours a thick opaque black, with 2 fingers of creamy tan head. The carbonation is virtually impossible to see in the pint glass but it doesn't look very active. Good. 7/10

S: Nice strong smelling beer here. Roasted malt smells, chocolate and toffee definitely in there, coffee notes, and hints of both liquorice and fruit. Quite complex, really appealing. 8/10

T: Coffee and 'roast' flavours come to the very front. There's a great sweetness in the finish, with chocolate being suggested there, and in the middle but pushing to the back there's just a slight hint of dark fruits. Really tasty beer! 9/10

M: Very smooth and rich, medium to full bodied. Goes down very nice. Satisfying mouthfeel for this type of brew. 9/10

The verdict: This is good stuff. As I've said before, porter and stouts are not my thing, but I really appreciate a good one. This is up there with Old Engine Oil as a porter/stout that I've really enjoyed. 8/10

The Drunken Destrier score: 82/100

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